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Create and manage your online reading list: Add resources BETA

This guide is for academic staff.

Important information for BETA list edit users if you are creating a brand new list

When you create a brand new list, you will initially be taken to the classic list edit view as shown in the Create list page of this guide. Click on the Save Draft button to go to the beta list edit mode.

For existing lists, you will be immediately in the beta edit mode when you open the list.

Adding resources from existing bookmarks

To add a resource from your existing bookmarks you can use the action bar and click Add Resource or click on the action menu of an item to add a resource below.

screenshot of adding a resource in beta edit mode using the action bar or action button

Search by author, title, keyword or ISBN - in this example, the search results show all resources that had been previously bookmarked by the user that contain the keyword subculture.

screenshot of searching for bookmark in edit beta mode

Adding books using the quick add feature

This is a recently added feature to the beta edit interface.

Search for a book by author, title, ISBN or keyword and in addition to your existing bookmarks, there will be a look-up to check whether the book is available on Library Search or would need to be purchased for the collection. You can add the book to your list from within the reading list system without having to go to Library Search or amazon to add a title.

screenshot of the quick add books feature on the beta edit interface


When a book is added that is not in the library collections, it will display in your list as unavailable. When you publish the list, the Library will be automatically notified and will purchase items that are not in the collection.

screenshot of quick add book in list that is not currently in the library