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Create and manage your online reading list: Link to Blackboard

This guide is for academic staff.

Add sections to Blackboard

********* New Feature*********

Need to create a reading list that can be contextualised in your blackboard module? Learn how to create sections of your list in Blackboard with this step by step video.

Important information

The list will be available for students from the Blackboard module site when:

  • It has been published
  • It has been linked to the correct module code on the reading list platform
  • It has been assigned to the correct academic year time period

If you are experiencing any problems with linking your list to Blackboard, please contact your Academic Engagement Librarian.

Linking your reading list to Blackboard

Go to your reading list and check that it is published, is set to the correct time period and is linked to the correct module code.

Screenshot of reading list links to module hierarchy

If your list is not linked to the correct code(s), then follow the instructions in the print guide to linking your online reading list to the correct module code.

Once your list is correctly linked on, you can log into your Blackboard site. 

Step 1: Click on Books & Tools in the left-hand menu

screenshot of the books and tools link on the left hand menu of blackboard ultra

Step 2: In the pop up box, scroll down and click on the Reading Lists tool icon

screenshot of books and tools pop up box on blackboard ultra

Step 3: Wait for the integration tool to load

screenshot of integration tool loading notice on blackboard ultra

Step 4: Your list should be found automatically. If not, search by the module code and then save.

screenshot of reading list being selected by the integration tool on blackboard ultra