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Create and manage your online reading list: Edit list BETA

This guide is for academic staff.

Important information for BETA list edit users if you are creating a brand new list

When you create a brand new list, you will initially be taken to the classic list edit view as shown in the Create list page of this guide. Click on the Save Draft button to go to the beta list edit mode.

For existing lists, you will be immediately in the beta edit mode when you open the list.

Editing and saving changes

Editing your list in the beta view is more streamlined:

  • The edit view is automatically displayed when you log into your list with your IT username and password.
  • If you add or make changes to your list, these will be saved automatically.
  • If there are unpublished changes, a message will be displayed at the top of your list.
  • You can view in student preview mode to see how the list will appear to your students.


Edit list title, description and time period in beta

To edit the name of your list, add or edit a description of the list or change the time period, click on the Edit button and select Edit list details from the drop-down list.

screenshot of edit list details in beta edit mode

Add or edit module codes associated with your list

To associate your list with the correct module code(s), click on the Edit button and select Hierarchy and student numbers from the drop down list. You can assign a list to multiple module codes or remove any that are no longer required.

screenshot of editing module code hierarchy in beta mode

Edit item importance and notes to students

You can set items on your list as either essential or further from the drop-down list next to the item details.

To add a note to the student, click on the three dot button on the right-hand-side and select Note for students from the drop-down list

screenshot of editing item importance and student notes in beta edit mode