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Create and manage your online reading list: First steps

This guide is for academic staff.

New bookmarking

The 'Install Bookmark Button' has been replaced with an 'Install Bookmarking Extension' button which will launch a guide instructing users on how to install the bookmarking extension. This includes a video and a link to the browser extension installation page..

Due to the increased use of Content Security Policy (CSP) which blocks the use of Javascript-based bookmarklets, the bookmarking extension is a more reliable bookmarking method.

To install the bookmarking extension, follow these steps:

1. Go to 'My Bookmarks'
2. Click on 'Install Bookmarking Extension'
3. Follow the instructions in the tutorial popup


The bookmarking extension is currently supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Install the Talis Aspire Bookmarking tool in Chrome by completing the following steps:

1. Locate the Talis Aspire Reading Lists Bookmarking extension in the Chrome web store.
2. Click 'Add to Chrome'
3. A popup will appear confirming you'd like to add the extension to your browser, and confirms that the extension can access which is where it retrieves the list of institutions referred to in step 5. To install the bookmarking extension click 'Add extension'.
4. You should now see the Talis logo appear alongside your other extensions.
5. The first time you attempt to use this extension it will prompt you to select your institution.
6. Click the dropdown and select your institution from the list, then click 'Save'. NOTE: You can change this setting by right-clicking the Talis logo and selecting 'Options'.

Install the Talis Aspire Reading Lists Bookmarking extension into Safari by following these steps:

1. Visit the app store from your Mac or other Apple device.
2. Search for Talis Aspire.
3. Click on Install and then Open.
4. This will take you to the extensions area of Safari where you can enable the extension.
5. Right-click on the Talis icon that has now appeared in your bookmarks bar and choose 'Manage Extension'.
6. On the preferences tab, select your institution from the drop-down and click 'Save'.

The bookmarking extension is currently supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Now you're ready to bookmark using the extension

If you are unable to install the bookmarking extension, click 'I can't install the bookmarking extension' in the tutorial popup guide. This will guide you to install our alternative bookmarking plugin.

If you have any further questions or queries, please contact

Step 1: Log into the online reading list platform

Access directly by typing into your web browser.


Go to the University of Westminster staff intranet and link to the reading list site from the Teaching Research and Alumni tools.

Image of the staff intranet teaching research and alumni tools and link to reading list site








Next, log into the site using your University of Westminster username and password.

login image

Step 2: Create your user profile

If you haven’t used the Reading Lists site before, you need to set up a user profile by clicking on Create a profile, at the top of the screen. 

Create a profile image

  • Fill in your details and use your University of Westminster email address in the email box.
  • Please select role from the drop down menu – this is needed for your profile
  • Under the Privacy heading, please select My profile is public. This will allow students to find your lists if they have forgotten the module code.
  • Click Save Profile