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Library Guides

Create and manage your online reading list: First steps

This guide is for academic staff.

Step 1: Log into the online reading list platform

Access directly by typing into your web browser.


Go to the University of Westminster staff intranet and link to the reading list site from the Teaching Research and Alumni tools.

Image of the staff intranet teaching research and alumni tools and link to reading list site








Next, log into the site using your University of Westminster username and password.

login image

Step 2: Create your user profile

If you haven’t used the Reading Lists site before, you need to set up a user profile by clicking on Create a profile, at the top of the screen. 

Create a profile image

  • Fill in your details and use your University of Westminster email address in the email box.
  • Please select role from the drop down menu – this is needed for your profile
  • Under the Privacy heading, please select My profile is public. This will allow students to find your lists if they have forgotten the module code.
  • Click Save Profile

Step 3: Add the bookmarking tool to your web browser

You can capture resources from around the web and add them to your 'My Bookmarks' page or directly to a reading list. To do this, you need to install a bookmarking tool on your browser. There are two methods for adding a bookmarking tool:

METHOD 1: Bookmarking browser extension

You can use the Talis Aspire browser extension - this is available for the Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome browsers. These extensions have been developed to resolve some technical issues that can sometimes occur with the original bookmarklet tool. Many resources bookmark in a better way with this extension. For information, see the Talis support article on installing browser extensions.

METHOD 2: The original bookmarklet

Log into the reading list website (see step 1).

From the top screen navigation, click on My Bookmarks.

My Bookmarks

On the right-hand side of the page, click on Install bookmark button.

install bookmark button image

A pop-up window will open to guide you through set up. Follow The bookmark button instructions. The tutorial automatically recognises which browser you are using and gives relevant guidance. 

For further guidance and troubleshooting for specific browsers, see the print guide to adding the bookmark button.