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Create and manage your online reading list: Create list

This guide is for academic staff.

Check for any existing lists

Before you get started on a new list, it's worth checking whether any lists have already been created for the module. Go to the homepage of, log-in with your username and password and search by the module code, words from the module title or your name.

screenshot of searching for reading list on the homepage

As you type, a selection of suggestions will appear below the search box. Click on the relevant suggestion, or press return to see all the results. If none of the suggestions are relevant or no results are found you can go straight to creating a new list.

If there is a draft or published list for your module, click on the list  to open it and then add using the + My Lists button on the right hand side.

screenshot of adding a reading list to my lists

To add further resources or edit a list, go to the relevant parts of this guide. You can also contact your Academic Engagement Librarian with queries about reusing existing lists.

Create a new list from an existing template

The Library provides two basic templates that can be reused. These are based on 12 teaching weeks for either one or two semesters. Click on the links below to access these templates. You will need to log-in and make a copy of the list. This can then be renamed with the correct module details and you can set the time period.

Remember, you can also create your own template by starting a blank list and creating your own sections. Keep this list in draft form and then copy it when you want to create a new list.

Create a new blank list

Follow these steps to create a new reading list.

  1. Go to the reading lists homepage and log-in. 
  2. Click on My Lists in the top navigation bar.
  3. Click on Create new list on the right-hand side.
  4. Fill out the list creation form with the following information (this can be amended later if necessary) and then click Create List:
    • List name: Please enter the module code and the title of your list
    • Description: This field is optional. You could include a brief description of the module or details of the teaching team etc.
    • Hierarchy: Click on the select hierarchy link to attach your list to software database of modules. This will automatically link your list to your Blackboard site. If you cannot find your module code in the hierarchy, please contact your Academic Engagement Librarian.
    • Year: Select the latest academic time period e.g. 2020-21
  5. Assign the list owner

You should now have a new blank list. This will initially display in the edit view; you can continue working on your draft or save your draft and come back to it later. When you want to return to the edit view, see the Edit List tab in this guide.

 new blank list image

The next step is to populate your list. See the relevant parts of this guide to add sections and resources.