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Create and manage your online reading list: Add sections

This guide is for academic staff.

Add a section to a new, empty list

When you first create a list you will be alerted that the list is empty. Click on the section link to add the first section.

screenshot of adding a new section to an empty reading list

Add a section to the end of a list

To add further sections to the end of your list, you can use the mouse/ touchpad to move the action bar to the end of your list and click on the ADD SECTION link.

screenshot of adding a second section to reading list

Add a section to the middle of a list

When adding a section between other sections, place the action bar at the top of the section to add the new one above.

Screenshot of adding a section to the middle of a list in beta edit

Add a sub-section to an existing section

To add a subsection, place the action bar within the main section. 

screenshot of adding a subsection with the beta list mode

Move Sections

You can move a section by clicking on the section edit menu and selecting Cut from the drop-down menu. Then place the action bar in the place you want the section and click on the Paste link.

Screenshot of moving a section in beta edit mode using the cut link


screenshot of moving section in list edit beta using the action bar paste function

Adding and moving sections using the edit menu

It is also possible to add and move sections using the options in the section and item edit menus.

screenshot of the beta list edit section and item edit menus