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Library Guides

Guide to Library and Archive Services: IT & Laptops

Your IT account

Your IT account allows you to access all of the University's online resources:

You're given a username before you enrol with us. This is the letter "w" followed by the first 7 digits of your student ID number. 

To set up your password for the first time or if you forget it, log in to our password self-service and follow the instructions.


Other Software

Autodesk provides open access to more than 100 products – available to students and educators. This includes Autocad.


Learning and Software Support

The University has a subscription to LinkedIn Learning (formerly It has a lot of content relevant to our subject areas, which may be helpful in providing online input. The university's subscription can be accessed at 

Laptop lending

Short-loan (24 hour) MacBook laptops are available from the self-service lockers locations across campuses.

Request for longer-loan laptops are made via your personal tutor.

More information about both schemes is available here


Students can download Microsoft Office 365 for free.



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