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Welcome to the guide for the Wellbeing Collection

This guide will help you discover books and other resources to support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Use the tabs above to find further information about the collection, support information and resources.

Library Wellbeing Collection - your oasis of calm

The Wellbeing Collection was launched so that students and staff may find insightful books, materials and useful information to support various aspects of their wellbeing, encompassing both physical and mental health issues.

The Wellbeing Collection is curated by a dedicated and committed Library Wellbeing Collection Group.

Do browse our online and physical  books and resources. 

How do I find Wellbeing books?

Log into Library Search and find a selection of Wellbeing books and online resources.

Using search terms such as ‘Wellbeing Collection’ or ‘Wellbeing’, will give you a random and huge list! 

To see the full list of titles we hold:

  • Type WELBC into the Library Search box, select  'books, journals & more' and click search.
  • You can then refine your search to a specific library by selecting the Library option in Filter my results on the left-hand side menu.


Photo of WELBC search term and book in the Library catalogue

Wellbeing Highlight

feeling good app logo

Feeling Good app

Did you know you have free access to a positive mental wellbeing app to accompany you through your student journey?

The app is designed to enhance mental clarity and focus to reach optimal performance.  

Listening to the app can help relax and calm your mind and body so that you can let go of worries and sleep better.

Research shows that it lifts mood and increases positivity and vitality. It can also help to increase your concentration and self-confidence.

It is widely used within the NHS by NHS staff and patients and it has also been used successfully by students in other universities.

feeling good app logo

How to download the Feeling Good app:

  1. Visit your app store on your phone or tablet.
  2. Search on ‘feeling good: positive mindset’ and look for the logo with a blue sky and sun.
  3. Install the app to your device. 
  4. To download the tracks for free please enter the username and password below into the login boxes on the ‘download’ tab:

My in-app login username: westuni1 

My in-app login password: positive

Please note: your device needs to be set up to use the app store, this requires registering with google or apple.

Contact queries

Photo of Wellbeing leaflets in Wellbeing section

For any queries, feel free to contact Alice Soares