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Wellbeing Collection: Useful contacts


Support services within the University

We know student life can bring lots of wonderful challenges but at times, we all need a helping hand.

The University has a wide range of support services if and when you need them.

Access and support in the Library

Please see the Library Access Guide for disabled students.

The guide contains information on contacting your Disabilty Support Librarian and how to access the range of Library and IT services that are specifically aimed at disabled students and those with Specific Learning Difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia).


Support Organizations

This is a list of some external support organizations that may support you with your health and wellbeing.

You can find a wider variety of self-help resources on a range of topics on the Student Wellbeing resources page.

University of Westminster Support Services

  • Counselling Services Our counsellors are happy to talk to you about anything that’s bothering you, from an inability to study, poor concentration and depression, to relationship problems and bereavement.
  • Disability Learning support Our Disability Learning Support (DLS) Team offer help and support to students with disabilities.
  • Equality and diversity The University is committed to supporting diversity and equal opportunities in our dealings with job applicants, students, staff and the public.
  • Faith and spirituality  The University embraces diversity and promotes equality among students and colleagues. You can find information on contemplation and prayer rooms, as well as meditation sessions.
  • Sexual violence and Harassment  At the University of Westminster, we believe that everyone has the right to live and learn in a safe environment.
  • Sport and Leisure  The University provides a range of sport and fitness facilities alongside student activities.
  • Student Wellbeing  We aim to offer Westminster students access to a variety of health services and information
  • Support for Care leavers  If you are leaving care, the University of Westminster has developed guidance and a support package tailored for you to help make the transition as easy as possible
  • Support for estranged students The University of Westminster is committed to supporting students who do not have the support and approval of a family network during their time at university.
  • Support for LGBT Students The University of Westminster aims to raise awareness among students, support relevant campaigns and offer support, advice and guidance on your rights as an LGBT person.
  • UWSU (University of Westminster Students' Union) Your Wellbeing The Students' Union are there for you during your studies and list wellbeing links on their website.


Report & Support

The Report and Support portal, allows anyone studying at the University to report experiences of bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, racism and hate crime - whether the incident occurred inside or outside the Westminster community. 

Link to the portal:


cherish logo

The CHERISH website has been developed by a team of researchers at the University of Westminster alongside participants with lived experience of providing support for self-harm. 

This could be of particular use to colleagues or students who may be currently, or have previously, provided support for someone engaging in self-harm (particularly if that person is a University Student), but it could also be that colleagues or students just want to know more about this issue.

It is freely available to anyone looking for support around this subject, even if they do not wish to seek support face-to-face.  

Link to the website:

For Urgent or Crisis situations

This is a list of contact services you may need in an emergency: