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Law: Books

A guide to all things Library

What kind of books will I find in the Library?

  • Reference materials such as encyclopedias and specialist dictionaries can give you a starting point for your research and help you to define your search terms.
  • Textbooks can provide a broad overview of an unfamiliar topic and point you to further reading.
  • Academic monographs will provide more indepth information on a topic.

Specialist e-book collections for Law

Most of our ebooks can be discovered on our main catalogue, Library Search.

However, our Westlaw ebooks and some of the commentaries on Lexis Library cannot currently be accessed via Library Search - please go directly to these platforms using the link below.

If you would like to browse by a particular publisher, there are some recommended links for law collections that we have purchased or currently subscribe to.

Other E-book Platforms

How to find books via Library Search

Useful shelf numbers for Law

This table shows a small selection of topics, use Library Search for a comprehensive search for books on a particular subject.
Topic Shelf Number Library Floor
Law (general) 340 Floor B2
Private international law (conflict of laws) 340.9 Floor B2
Public international law 341 Floor B2
Human rights law 341.48 Floor B2
Humanitarian intervention 341.584 Floor B2
Comparative law 342 Floor B2
European Union Law 343.24 Floor B2
English law 344.1 Floor B2
Criminal law 344.105 Floor B2
Family law 344.10615 Floor B2
Land law


Floor B2
Intellectual property law


Floor B2
Commercial law 344.1067 Floor B2
Equity and trusts


Floor B2
French law 344.4 Floor B2


How do I find a book on the shelf?

Understand how to find a book on the shelf with this helpful guide or watch the quick video below.