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Library guide for School of Arts students and staff

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Library essentials

Reading lists

Most modules have online reading lists which link to essential reading for the module.  They also have further reading suggestions which are a starting point for researching assignments.

Library Search

You can search or browse items in all four libraries using Library Search.  Library Search lists all books, ebooks, and DVDs available and most of the journal and magazine articles that are available online.  See the Library Search guide for more information.

Specialist databases

Most subjects have one or two specialist databases that are useful for that subject.  The significance of these differs according to the subject and level of study, but they are almost always useful for assignments at every level.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides thousands of courses on a range of topics relevant to courses in the School of Arts.

Box of Broadcasts (Learning on Screen)

Box of Broadcasts is an archive of TV and radio broadcasts, none of which are listed on Library Search.  You have to register the first time you use it - check your spam box for the email confirmation.

Accessing online resources

Once you are logged into Library Search you will be able to access online resources such as ebooks and journal articles.  If accessing off campus, you should look for a sign-in option such as ‘Where are you from’ or ‘Shibboleth’. There is more detailed information on the Library Search guide.

Key E-Resources for the School of Arts

Audiovisual sources

Contemporary art sources (includes Photography)

Fashion design sources

Film sources

Generic research sources

Media studies/Social sciences


Factiva is a very useful source although not entirely straight-forward to use.  For more comprehensive/historical research you could try the British Library Newspaper Archive (you will need to pay or visit the British Library).

Music sources

See here for journal titles related to the interpretation of Popular Music.  The resources below all relate to business, or legal aspects music.

Fashion business/marketing sources


Why one guide for the School of Arts?

Subjects within the school often intersect in interesting ways, particularly at postgraduate level.  As the librarian for the school I want to encourage that intersection as much as possible across all the courses, so one guide seemed the best solution.  Having said that, for accessibility reasons I have been asked not to use sub menus, so it will be necessary to create a couple of supplementary guides: a School of Arts E-resources guide and a Fashion/Music Business E-Resources guide (coming soon). 


Whatever subject you are focusing on, reading widely within and without your discipline will help you engage more meaningfully with your studies and this guide is here to assist you access as broad a range of resources as possible.