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Library Guides

Library Search: Finding sources

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 Access Library Search directly from this URL:

Finding books on Library Search

Library Search retrieves items with your search terms in the title, subject headings, author, or item summary.  Use keywords to find items and click the title for more information about it. 

If you know the book you are looking for, use the author surname and one or two words from the title.  Otherwise use keywords related to your topic.

Finding articles on Library Search

To retrieve articles in journals, magazines and newspapers run a search and change the collection to 'Articles & more’.  If you are signed in, all the articles displayed will be available to download.  

If you know what you are looking for, search using the author surname and two or three words from the title of the article.  Otherwise, use keywords related to your topic.

You can limit your results to ‘peer-reviewed journals’ in the results screen.  These tend to be the most prestigious journals. 

The ‘Expand beyond library collections’ option can be selected to retrieve articles which are not part of the online collection.  Some of these are available in the print journal collections. 

If you know the article you are looking for, you can also use the default search (Books, Journals & more) to search for the title of the journal, and then use the link to go to the journal, and navigate to the specific article.  The record will show the library's online and print holdings for that journal.

Finding books in the library

To find books in the library, you will first need to find the location number on Library Search.   This number (e.g. 791.43655 BOR) shows the location of a book in the library.  It comprises a whole number (791), a decimal number (.43655) and three letters (BOR), and relates to the subject of the book.

The sequence of books runs something like this: 001.1 > 001.12 > 001.2 > 001.3.  This is because the decimal number .12 is a smaller number than the decimal number .2 (ie twelve hundredths is smaller than twenty hundredths).

The sequence runs from left to right for one shelf, and continues on the shelf below as in the sequence shown below (A, B, C, D, E, etc).

Finding books in the library image