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E-books: Getting started

E-books @ Westminster

The University of Westminster has a wide range of books available as e-books. Our e-books are provided by a variety of suppliers, and each e-book supplier uses a different platform. This guide provides an overview of e-books at the University of Westminster, with answers to frequently asked questions. This guide also offers specific help and support for our main e-book platforms.

What are e-books?

What are e-books?

E-books are electronic versions of books. You can read them online or download them to your preferred device to read anywhere at any time.

What e-books does the library have access to?

The library buys books in electronic format wherever possible.  We have 1000s of e-books covering many different subject areas. A selection of e-books should be available for most subjects and many reading list items will be available as an e-book. 

How do I read e-books?

E-books are easy to read online using a computer or a mobile device. 

Many e-books include the option of searching for keywords or phrases within the book, and some have enhanced features such as animations, video and audio supplements, hyperlinks and in-built dictionaries. 

Do I need special software?

Most e-books display as PDF files using Adobe. To read an e-book online, usually all you need is:

  • a computer with an Internet connection
  • PDF viewing software
  • an up-to-date web browser

Some e-books have their own inbuilt reader which displays content similar to PDFs, however some e-book publishers require you to download additional software such as Adobe Digital Editions to save or download an e-book.  

How do I find e-books?

All the e-books that we have access to can be found via Library Search.

To see what's available, simply:

  • log in to Library Search, using your University username and password
  • enter your search terms/subject in the "Books, journals & more" 
  • filter using "Full Text Online" and "Books" on the left-hand side of the results screen
  • click on the title or the online access link to open the e-book you want to read.

Can I read e-books when I'm not on-campus?

Yes, you can access our e-books on and off-campus using your University username and password.

Find the book you want in Library Search, follow the online access link. 


Are there e-books you'd like us to purchase?  Send your recommendations to