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E-books: Kortext

What are Kortext e-books?

You will always have access to a copy of your Kortext book for the academic year. You can highlight text and make and save notes which will sync across all of your devices and you can copy and paste into other documents.

  • The first time you access a Kortext book you will be prompted to create an account using your university email address.  

  • Every Kortext book viewed in a reading list or on Library Search will be added to your personal e-shelf that is associated with your account. Access your e-shelf.

  • Kortext e-textbooks have a record in Library Search that Westminster users can access and can also be linked to from online reading lists. 

Kortext first time users

First time users accessing a Kortext book will be prompted to create an account using their university email.

The Kortext create account screen with the first field filled in using the format

Tip: remember to use the whole University email address


First time user of Kortext – creating an account via Library Search


The Korext e-textbooks that you have searched for on Library Search or accessed through you reading list can be found on your e-shelf found in the Kortext store.



Help logging in or accessing an e-book

You might need to check your spam folder for the password confirmation message from Kortext


  • Error message 'Institution not set'

If you see this message, please email from your UoW email address and ask them to link your account to the University. 


  • Error message "Due to anti-piracy controls your access to this title is temporarily blocked. Please try again later."


This error message is often caused by flicking through the book - the system detects this and attempts to scan the pages.

Try navigating by chapter heading, or entering a specific page number to avoid this error.  

If you are locked out by this measure, it should only be for 5 minutes in the first instance. The limit in place does increase if it happens multiple times.


Video help and guidance on using Kortext e-text books


Kortext e-books incorporate a number of accessibility features including the ability to convert text to speech with Read Aloud on App readers, change font and size to suit user needs in the book text in ereaders, zoom and adjust line spacing, margin width and text justification. Kortext also provides alternative text for images when supplied by the publisher and keyboard only input for select functionality.. Further information and help is available from the Kortext accessibility webpage