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Copyright for Researchers: Further Help

This guide provides guidance on copyright matters for researchers

Further help and support

Copyright need not be a problem for researchers, however it is an important issue to consider from the outset of any project you are involved in. It’s important to consider the ownership of your research, the inclusion of any content owned by others and how you might want to share the work in the future. 

Where to get further help and support

If you have any copyright queries related to your research then in the first instance you should direct queries to Nina Watts (

Other copyright guides and advice is also available at the University of Westminster for teaching staff and for students.


Other guides

This guide should be read in conjunction with the following other guides that cover specific related areas:‚Äč

Credits and disclaimer

With thanks to Dr Jane Secker for authoring this guide © Jane Secker and licenced for re-use under Creative Commons  creative commons non commerical

Disclaimer: The guide in no way substitutes for formal legal advice. If you are in any doubt or require further information we recommend you consult the sources of further advice at the end of this guide.