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History: Books

Finding books

Books relevant to History can mainly be found within the 900s section of the library.

Some examples of shelf numbers for books relevant to History
Subject Shelf number
History 900
History of Europe 940
History of Asia 950
History of Africa 960
History of North America 970

For locations of other shelf numbers please use Library Search, where you will also find e-books that can be read online.

New titles

To Shape a New World

In To Shape a New World, Tommie Shelby and Brandon Terry write that the marginalization of King's ideas reflects a romantic, consensus history that renders the civil rights movement inherently conservative--an effort not at radical reform but at "living up to" enduring ideals laid down by the nation's founders.

Black Reconstruction in America 1860-1880

This pioneering work was the first full-length study of the role black Americans played in the crucial period after the Civil War, when the slaves had been freed and the attempt was made to reconstruct American society.

The Cold War: a World History

Odd Arne Westad argues that the Cold War must be understood as a global ideological confrontation, with early roots in the Industrial Revolution and ongoing repercussions around the world.

Beyond the Trenches - the Social and Cultural Impact of the Great War

This collection of articles is the outcome of extensive investigations into archival materials, concerning the involvement of various nations in the Great War. The authors analyse the wartime experiences of individuals and local communities, as well as whole nations.

The Legend of Napoleon

A timely study of why the fascination with Napoleon has endured for two centuries