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Sociology: Books

A guide to all things Library

What kind of books will I find in the Library?

  • Reference materials such as encyclopedias and specialist dictionaries can give you a starting point for your research and help you to define your search terms.
  • Textbooks can provide a broad overview of an unfamiliar topic and point you to further reading.
  • Academic monographs will provide more in-depth information on a topic.

How can I find books for my topic?

  • An excellent place to start finding books on your topic is your module reading list. Have a look at the Getting Started page of this guide for advice on finding and using your reading list.
  • You can search across the Library's print and e-book collections using Library Search. Search by author, title or the key-words of your topic.
  • Find out more about accessing our e-book collections on the E-books: Getting Started Guide

How to find books via Library Search

Useful shelf numbers for Sociology

This table shows a small selection of topics, use Library Search for a comprehensive search for books on a particular subject.
Topic Shelf Number Library Floor
Sociological theory 301 Floor 3
Gender 305.3 Floor 3
Feminist theory 305.4201 Floor 3
Social class 305.5 Floor 3
Sociology of "race" 305.8 Floor 3
Sociology of education 306.43 Floor 3
Sociology of health 306.461 Floor 3
Sexualities 307 Floor 3
Education 370 Floor 3
Social policy 361 Floor 3


How do I find a book on the shelf?

Understand how to find a book on the shelf with this helpful guide or watch the quick video below.