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Citation and Referencing Guide: Mendeley

This guide provides resources to support your citation and referencing practice in line with academic requirements


Mendeley is a simple, effective reference management tool. A free account with 3GB of storage space can be created on the Mendeley home page. The desktop version for Mac or PC can also be downloaded from that page.

Please note, when going through the registration process to create a Mendeley account, do not use your University of Westminster email address. Create an individual account. Do not attempt to tie your Mendeley account into the University's subscription to other Elsevier services which operate through the Shibboleth access system. The University of Westminster does not have an institutional subscription to Mendeley.

Overview of Mendeley

While of value in generating citations and references, for example, either manually or through a plug-in to Word, Mendeley also acts as a file manager, content index and fully-searchable digital library database, at an individual level and at a collective level.

As a PDF reader, it permits highlighting, copy-and-paste and comment functions on the document. It is therefore well worth considering as a tool which assists in the search, curation and analysis phases of research, greatly enhancing 'productivity'.

It has an online version and a desktop version, while it also works on tablets (mainly for reading and annotating) and mobile phones (mainly for reading).

The Westminster Harvard citation and referencing style can be installed on Mendeley desktop, to generate citations and references in the required format, and a Mendeley plug-in can be installed in Word, so that citations and references can be created automatically.


Chris Copeland has produced a very good three-part introduction to Mendeley from the user's perspective. His videos are included below: