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Construction & Property: Journals

What are journals & journal articles?

image dictionary definition of researchA journal is a regular publication that deals with a particular subject, and contains journal articles written by experts in that subject.

Journals articles are a great research resource:

  • they cover more specific topics
  • go into more detail than textbooks
  • usually are more up to date
  • many are peer reviewed to ensure reliability

You should use journal articles to do research for your assignments.  The library has a wide range of journals with the majority available online as e-journals.

How to find journal articles via Library Search

More journals & journal articles

The library subscribes to a number of journal collections - see our list below, where you can search for journal articles on a topic.


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Key publications for Construction & Property

How to decode a journal reference

picture of a magnifying glass

Jones, P. (2018) 'A 'smart' bottom-up whole-systems approach to zero carbon built environment', Building Research & Information, 46(5), pp.566-577.

This article was written by Phil Jones, and the article's title is "A 'smart' bottom-up whole-systems approach to zero carbon built environment".  It was published in 2018 in the journal called "Building Research & Information". It was published in volume 46, issue 5, and the article ran from pages 566 to 577.