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Media and Communication: Referencing

Referencing, Citation and Academic Integrity

You will be expected to reference all information that you have used in your essays, reports, projects or research using bibliographies (a list of the sources that you used) and in-text citations (where you found the information or quote). Referencing is a way of showing your tutors that you have researched the topic widely and used a range of relevant and creditable sources for your work.

How to access Refworks

Referencing examples from Media sources

Suggested referencing examples for Fame
In text:
(FAME, 2013)

FAME (2013). Company report: Tesco PLC [online]. Bureau van Dijk. Available from: <> [accessed 31 May 2013].  

Suggested referencing example for Mintel
In text:
(Mintel, 2013)  or “data from Mintel (2013) suggests…..”

Mintel (2013). Womenswear- UK- April 2013 [online].  London: Mintel.  Available from:  < > [accessed 31 May 2013].  

Suggested referencing example for Factiva
In text: 
(Spanier, 2013) or Spanier (2013) reports.....

Spanier, G. (2013).  Guardian appointment prompts paywall speculation. The Independent. 4 June, 46-47. [online] Available from: Factiva. <> [Accessed 21 August 2013].

Suggested referencing example for an e-journal article
In text:
(Rosenkrans and Myers,  2012)

Rosenkrans, G. and Myers, K. (2012).  Mobile advertising effectiveness.  International journal of mobile marketing. 7 (3), 5-24. [online] Available from: Business Source Complete. <> [Accessed 28 August 2013].

Suggested referencing example for Euromonitor
In text: 
(Euromonitor, 2014) or Euromonitor (2017) reports.....

Euromonitor (2017). Luxury leather goods in India [online]. Euromonitor. Available from: Euromonitor. <> [accessed 17 November 2017]

Statista reports often include a citation generator. Look for citation and choose Harvard as the style. This isn't exactly the same as the University of Westminster style but can be adapted. Make sure you check it against our referencing guide.

Why you should Reference