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LinkedIn Learning: Teaching with LinkedIn Learning

Sharing LinkedIn Learning with students


The easiest way to share LinkedIn Learning with students is to share the following easy URL:

This links to the landing page with all the information that they need to register.

Please note however that students are more likely to engage with LinkedIn Learning if you link to specific courses linked to the learning outcomes of the module.

Sharing content from LinkedIn Learning with students


It is possible to use the URL from the browser bar to share courses, but to make logging in easier for your students, you should use the share function from within the platform. This is a right-pointing arrow in the top right of the screen when you are looking at the course. 

The link provided is to the specific section that you are looking at, so if you are recommending the whole course make sure you link to the first video in the course.

Adding to online reading lists

To add a link to a course to an online reading list, you will need to use the manual add function within the reading list software.  You will find this as an option when you try to add a resource from within the reading list software.  

You will need to:

1. Change the resource type to Audiovisual

2. Add in the title

3. Add a web address field to the form using the dropdown menu, and copy and paste the URL into it.  (It is best to use the share function within LinkedIn Learning to get the URL as explained above).

4. Click the Online Resource tick box


Curating collections

You can create a collection of courses/videos in LinkedIn Learning and share these with students in the same way.