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The aim of this guide is to provide helpful resources and tips for research in film.

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COVID-19 Response

The library is increasing the provision of online resources by buying additional resources.  Much of the free access to additional resources provided by publishers has now ceased (as of 1st July).  We will be subscribing to a number of new resources for the coming  year.  Make sure you look at the E-Resources tab of this guide to find sources.

The Academic Liaison Librarian team are also still available for one-to-one appointments, and providing training sessions online.  

If you can't find the book you want online, you can still put in an inter-library loan request and we will try to obtain an online copy for you.

Audiovisual resources

I have collated some BOB playlists here.

Art books

The publishers of large format visual arts books such as exhibition catalogues do not supply ebooks to libraries, so are unlikely to be able to join in with these initiatives.  This includes even relatively large publishers in that area such as Phaidon, Taschen and Thames & Hudson.  

Individual publishers might have relevant initiatives, which I am looking out for. 

Individual artists/writers may have material on their own websites. For example:

Some museums have made selected catalogues available.  For example:

You should also take a look at the digital libraries listed below.

Digital Libraries

The Internet Archive and related Open Library can be good for older material for arts subjects. Some examples include:

Registration is necessary to access some books - the same account will work on both platforms.  There is currently a legal challenge to the 'controlled digital lending' model the Internet Archive operate, which they claim to be fair use under US law.

Google Books has extensive previews of some texts submitted by publishers to promote their content, including recent texts.  For example:

Project Guttenberg is strictly limited to out of  US copyright books.  Examples include:

Public Books lists open access books from US academic publishers

Commercial offers

There are a few interesting commercial initiatives currently available.  For example:

  • Kindle - free extracts of most of academic books available on Kindle (you can read them on the Kindle app, even if you don't have a Kindle device)
  • Perlego - Access a large selection of ebooks for £12 per month.  To access the free trial, you have to give your debit card details, but it is easy to cancel.  The free trial is available from the following URL only.  Select the monthly subscription model and use the code “keeplearning”  
  • Google Play - free extracts, purchase or rental of books
  • Apple books - free extracts or purchase
  • 1854 Digital (The British Journal of Photography) - Access membership benefits including back-copies of BJP for the next three months for £1.  Use the code TOGETHER during checkout. You can use the discount on any digital membership option; if you choose quarterly Digital Access, you will get all the benefits for £1.

Online exhibitions and performance

More information

Online learning - information regarding the university's move to online learning, including details about software (such as Adobe Creative Cloud) which you can download

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Welcome to the library guide for film.  The aim of this guide is to provide helpful resources and tips for research in film.  It is most relevant for students and staff from BA Film, BA Contemporary Media Practice, and MA Film.  The library collection includes books, magazines, journals, exhibition catalogues, CDs, and DVDs, as well as electronic resources that provide information about film.

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070.18 Documentary films 
302.23 Media studies 
302.234 Film, radio, television (media studies) 
303.483 Digital culture
384.55 Television (telecommunications)
384.8 Film (telecommunications) 
709.2 Artists (including video artists)
777 Cinematography and videography
777.092 Video art by specific artists (this is a new number so don’t expect to find much here yet)
778.5347 Animation
778.53 Film making
778.59 Video production
781.542 Film music
791.43 Films A-Z
791.4301 Theory
791.4309 History
791.43092 Directors A-Z
791.430941 British cinema
791.430943 German cinema 
791.430944 French cinema 
791.430945 Italian cinema
791.430946 Spanish cinema
791.430947 Russian cinema
791.430952 Japanese cinema
791.430954 Indian Cinema
791.430973 American cinema
791.4334 Animated films
791.436 Film genres
791.4361 Experimental films
791.43615 Science fiction / fantasy
791.43616 Horror
791.436278 Westerns
791.43655 Film noir
791.4372 Individual films
791.4375 Collected film reviews
791.45 Television programmes
808.23 Screenwriting