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IT Basics: Generative AI

Permitted and Not Permitted Use of GenAI at the University of Westminster


At the University of Westminster, the use of Gen AI is authorised in assessments that explicitly permit the use of Generative AI systems or software as an integral part of the assessment. This will be specified in the relevant assignment brief and instructions provided by your tutor.

Any outputs from GenAI systems (such as ChatGPT) included in an assessment submission (for example passages of words, images) needs to be referenced (you can check on Cite Them Right how to do it).

Furthermore, AI as a tool to support learning can be used legitimately for example to:

  • help with grammar and spelling
  • as a search tool to research assignment topics
  • to help plan and develop an outline structure for a written assessment
  • to generate ideas for graphics, images and visuals
  • to get explanations of concepts 2
  • to debug code
  • to help get over ‘writer’s block’



At the University of Westminster, the following is NOT permitted:

  • The use of GenAI tools to directly produce a written or other form of output for an assessment that is then passed off as being authored by you. This applies to all of your assignments or exams - they require reflection and critical analysis generated by your own thinking to be evidenced.
  • To submit a draft essay and ask an AI system to simply re-write it in good English or to re-structure it.
  • To Include outputs from GenAI systems (such as ChatGPT) in an assessment submission (when permitted according to the section above) without reference.

Inappropriate use of GenAI risks contravening the principles of academic integrity and can be deemed as academic misconduct