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Digital accessibility: Wellbeing

Your device, your way


The information and free apps listed here are useful well-being tools that can support your mental and physical health



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Dealing with distractions

cold turkey

Student interest groups

Student counselling

The NHS has useful advice for wellbeing

Trying out new things could help you feel more positive and able to get the most out of life

NHS out-of-hours services for medical help

Interfaith advisors at Westminster

Report and Support

Student wellbeing

Blabla time


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Hosted by coach Dr. Sandra Gaudenzi, this podcast helps with the little and big challenges of student life and invites you to listen to your internal “blabla”, and hopefully, learn from it!

Mixing practical advice, coaching exercises and visualisations, it offers a moment of self-discovery that is soothing and deeply transformative. 

Find it for free on the following streaming services: