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Accounting, Finance & Economics: Journals & journal articles

What are journals & journal articles?

image dictionary definition of researchA journal is a regular publication that deals with a particular subject, and contains journal articles written by experts in that subject.

Journals articles are a great research resource:

  • they cover more specific topics
  • go into more detail than textbooks
  • usually are more up to date
  • many are peer reviewed to ensure reliability

You should use journal articles to do research for your assignments.  The library has a wide range of journals with the majority available online as e-journals.

How to find journal articles via Library Search

More journals & journal articles

The library subscribes to a number of journal collections - see our list below, where you can search for journal articles on a topic.


Emerald insight

Wiley Online Library


You can also search for journal articles via Google Scholar. See our Google Scholar guide for more info.

Google Scholar logo

How to decode a journal reference

Magnifying glass

Pendley, J. (2018). Finance and accounting professionals and cybersecurity awareness. Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, 29 (1), 53-58.

This article was written by J.Pendley, and the article's title is "Finance and accounting professionals and cybersecurity awareness". It was published in 2018 in the journal called "Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance". It was published in volume 29, issue 1, and the article ran from page 53 to 58.

Financial Times

Westminster Business School has a subscription to For access, ask your course leader for the sign-up link.