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Dissertations 1: Getting Started: Thinking Of A Title

A Guide

Dissertation Titles

Giving your dissertation a title early on can help to remind you of your argument and what you want to demonstrate to the reader.  

A good dissertation title should be: 

  • Descriptive and explanatory (not general) 

  • Precise 

  • Possibly include important components/aspects of the research strategy e.g. situated nature, population, methodology 

  • Avoid using abbreviations and acronyms 

A simple way to write a dissertation title is to set out two parts separated by a colon: 

A general area: A specific focus within the area 

For example: Barriers to Internet banking adoption: A qualitative study among corporate customers in Thailand 


Engaging bit: Informative bit 

For example: Changing Bodies: Matters of the Body in the Fiction of Octavia E. Butler