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Academic Skills Video Collection: Academic Language

Videos for study skills

Academic Language

Have a look at our introductory video on "Academic Language" for an overview of how to adapt your language to an academic context. 

Video on Academic Language

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Attributive Verbs - A Writer's Best Friend

Attributive verbs are a really powerful part of language that allow you to show how much you agree or disagree with another authors ideas. For a full list of attributive verbs see page 104 of the free to download Study Skills book:

Academic Conventions

Academic writing follows set conventions. In this video we look at what those conventions are and how to follow them. More on hedging: Study Skills Book:

Hedging Your Bets

Hedging language is also known as cautious language or vague language, it is a good way of showing how much evidence there is for different ideas in your essays. In this video I give a very quick introduction to the ideas of hedging. Note: A hedge (noun) is a cautious, vague, or evasive statement. And to hedge (verb) is to avoid answering a question, making a clear, direct statement, or committing yourself to a particular action or decision. Download or buy the Study Skills Student Guide:

Punctuation and academic writing

Have a look at our punctuation video to see how punctuation is essential to the 'sense' of a sentence. Tina Onur explains how different punctuation marks work and demonstrates how meaning depends on good punctuation. 

Video on Punctuation and Academic Writing

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Passive and active tenses

Have a look at our video on active and passive tenses to understand how and when to use these tenses in your writing.

Video on passive and active tenses

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Run-on sentences

Our "Run-on sentences" video will help you to understand what run-on sentences are and how to avoid them in your writing.

Run-on sentences video

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