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Numeracy (Mathematics and Statistics): Maths

Numeracy resources

This guide contains resources to help you develop, refresh, or consolidate your numeracy skills.  Numeracy skills are fundamental for many university degrees, careers, and everyday life. 

LinkedIn Learning Video: Everyday Maths

This video explains essential math concepts in clear language, using real-world problems that will help learners of all levels feel more confident with math. Learn how to calculate percentages for tips and taxes, compare prices as you shop, find the area and volume for home-improvement projects, and even calculate calories. 

Cook cooking and thinking of the ingredients for the recipe

Link to Video on Everyday Math

Other resources


MathCentre: an online support centre featuring a host of mathematics resources. Includes quick reference leaflets, video tutorials, teach yourself booklets, practice and revision booklets, online test yourself diagnostics and exercises. The resources are from respected sources across the University sector, business and government organisations. 

Loughborough University resources: revision and practice pages, leaflets, formulae and more!

Underground mathematics: this resource, designed for A level mathematics, enables you to explore the connections that underpin mathematics

Merlot Collection of math tools and resources

Free Courses:

Open University

Future Learn

Ed X math courses