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Dissertations 4: Methodology: Structure

Indicative Chapter Structure

If your department have given you guidance as to the structure of your methodology chapter, make sure you adhere to it.  

If not, a typical structure might look something like this (but not necessarily including all these elements, and in this order!): 

  1. Introduction  

  1. Research philosophy 

  1. Methods:  

  • Primary and/or secondary sources? 

  • Quantitative or/and qualitative method(s)? 

  • Procedural method 

  1. Ethics 

  1. Reflection on the methods 

  • Justification 

  • Limitations and delimitations 

  • Conclusion 

Each section is addressed in the tabs of this guide.  


Always check with your supervisor or consult the assignment guidelines posted on Blackboard if you are unsure about which sections you will need to include in your dissertation.