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Decolonising the Library: Home

A library service that works to support and uplift decolonising practice in HE


The purpose of this guide is to provide support and information for academic colleagues who are developing decolonising practices in their work and to join in a dialogue to implement decolonising processes as a library service. We hope you find the material useful for engaging in conversations, developing further discussion and creating inclusive approaches.


Library decolonising statement: 

Decolonising the library is a process that involves the active inclusion of cultures, ideas and groups that were once excluded and denied the space of expression in the academic arena and further afield.   

In line with the University of Westminster EDI Strategy, decolonisation actively creates spaces and resources for dialogue among academics, librarians, and students on how to embed all cultures and knowledge systems into learning and teaching. It is a culture shift to embrace and widen the existing, predominantly euro-centric, shared and academic knowledge, in order to create spaces that include and support all voices.