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Computing and Engineering: Referencing

This is the guide for School of Computing and Engineering students and staff.

Know your referencing style

The commonly used referencing/citation styles in Computing & Engineering department are Westminster Harvard style [See note below] and the IEEE Referencing style. It is important to check the course/module documentation as to which style is required to use in your courseworks.

NOTE: In the Academic Year of 2022/2023  the University of Westminster will be transitioning away from Westminster Harvard style to the Cite Them Right Harvard Style.  During this year, please double check your course/module documentation to see which style is required for your particular module.


For IEEE please refer to your course documentation. You should also consult the official IEEE Referencing guide.

For more information about the Westminster Harvard style, and the downloadable referencing booklet, visit the Westminster Harvard referencing guide. [This will no longer be in use in 2023/2024]

Choose Harvard or IEEE from the Choose Referencing Style drop down menu on the home page

You can choose the referencing style from the home page of Cite Them Right.