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Dissertations 5: Findings, Analysis and Discussion: Results/Findings


Use a dedicated Results chapter especially if undertaking a scientific dissertation and/or you are using quantitative research.  

In this chapter you describe what your research has discovered. Follow some tips for an effective Results chapter:  

  • Describe the results. Be objective. Don’t explain, discuss, interpret. This takes place in the discussion chapter.
  • Include tables, graphs or illustrations to make it easier to understand the data.
  • You can draw attention to specific trends or data that you think are important.
  • You can relate to the research hypothesis (supported or not supported?), if applicable.
  • Present key findings and excerpts of data. Don’t present all raw data, as these belong in the Appendices.
  • Be truthful and honest. Present the data you found - not what you wish you had found! Remember that misrepresenting data has ethical implications.  
  • If you are presenting statistical results, place descriptive statistics first (means and standard deviations) followed by the results of any inferential statistical tests you performed.
  • Indicate any transformations to the data you are reporting; for example, you may report percentage correct scores rather than straight scores.

Graphs and Charts with Excel