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How to access and use the Studiosity service

How to get Study help anytime anywhere

Written Feedback

"Here's my file, I'll check back later."

Use this option when you're working on an essay or assignment (or any piece of writing) and would like to get feedback on how to improve your academic writing

Your document will be looked at by trained people who will provide comments on your language, structure, flow, and use of sources.

Upload your document to Studiosity any time of day or night, and they will send it back to you in less than 24 hours with detailed feedback on how you can improve your writing. Simply click 'Submit your document' from your Studiosity dashboard and follow the prompts.

Connect Live 

"I need help right now!"

Stuck on a question you need specialist help to answer? The Connect Live service is the best way of getting help in a wide range of subjects including maths, chemistry, physics, business studies and more.  

To connect live with a person who can help you work through your question, click on the 'Connect now' button on your Studiosity account homepage.

Technical details

  • Studiosity supports doc, docx, odt, txt or rtf files with a maximum word count of 8000 words and file size under 4 MB.
  • Keep an eye on your email inbox for a message letting you know when your feedback has been completed.  Remember to mark emails from Studiosity as safe, otherwise your notification may end up in your spam folder.
  • If you download the mobile app, you can be notified that way too when your feedback is ready, and you can view it on your phone. 
  • Alternatively, you can also log in to your account and click on the 'My recent activity' tab in the top menu and pick up your feedback there. 



What kind of help does Studiosity give?

When you connect live for a session, Studiosity will provide direction, guidance, feedback, support, and prompts to help you to get ‘unstuck’. Because getting stuck and overcoming it is part of learning. Studiosity won't rewrite or proofread the work but will provide a feedback summary 

Will I get help understanding my course requirements?

If you have a question that specifically relates to a course you're studying - such as module requirements, assessment dates or marking criteria, you will need to speak to your tutor or module leader. 

Once you're clear on your course requirements, that's when Studiosity can help you. Studiosity is designed to help you develop essential academic skills in a wide variety of areas including essay/report writing, maths, science, assignment research and more.

Will Studiosity proofread my work?

Studiosity does not re-write or proofread the work for you. The feedback you receive will include a summary pointing out the strengths and weaknesses in your work, suggestions on how to improve your structure, examples of common errors you might be making, and an assessment of whether your work is appropriate to the task set (e.g. different writing styles for a speech vs a persuasive essay vs a screenplay).

Will I be getting help from AI?

No, the help you receive is from real, thinking and feeling human beings

How many times can I use Studiosity?

You can use the service ten times.

If I use Studiosity will I be accused of academic misconduct?

Not at all. Studiosity is a feedback service and the advise you get is from highly skilled people who have an understanding of academic writing. It is a complementary service to the in-person appointments we offer our students to improve academic skills and research and referencing


Accessing Studiosity

You can access your student portal through your BlackBoard modules.

Log into Blackboard with your university Microsoft account in the format  

  • Click 'Modules & Courses' then select/open ANY module or course page (step 1).
  • Via the left-hand side panel (1) find and then click the Studiosity tool (step 2)


Pin Security

The first time you log in you'll just need to set yourself up with a 4-digit PIN to secure your account, so every time you access Studiosity after that, you enter your PIN to confirm your identity.

picture of this pin adds another layer of protection to your studiosity account, ensuring privacy and keeping your work safe

Help with using Studiosity and other support

Step by step help to upload your work

Access a chat widget for troubleshooting technical issues

Get help with technical and account enquiries

Further academic skills help

Read our academic skills guides


Book a place on an Academic skills workshop through Engage

Book an Academic skills one to one appointment on Engage if you've been referred for further help

How long will we have access to this service?

This service is being trialed from 23rd January until 31st August 2023