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Grammarly at Westminster

The University of Westminster has subscribed to Grammarly for Education for all Westminster students and Staff. 

You will be able to use Grammarly to check your writing for clarity and originality and to help you write in the different ways you are expected to write whilst at university such as essays, reports or emails. You will also be able to check your document if you are worried about unintentional plagiarism.

Setting up your Westminster Grammarly account

For new and continuing students at Westminster without a Grammarly account

Use this Link to set up your access to the full version of Grammarly. You will be taken to a Westminster log-in page. Please make sure you use your Westminster Microsoft email account - when you sign in. you will then get your Grammarly licence

image of the University of Westminster sign in page asking for your username and password

For existing users of Grammarly 

If already have an account with Grammarly created with an  or email you can upgrade to the full Westminster Grammarly account by using this link.

If you have a free account with Grammarly that you created using a personal email (for example Gmail) please follow the instructions for new and continuing students without a Grammarly account.

If you have any problems please contact an administrator for help


I'm having problems signing up for Westminster's Grammarly.

Check that you have used your Westminster Microsoft email address. This will be in the form of (W + first 7 digits of your ID). 

Please don't use


Getting Started

Once you create and activate your Grammarly account, the Grammarly dashboard will appear at

Take the quick tour under My Grammarly and twork through he getting started checklist

Where can I use Grammarly

Grammarly is available on Windows and Mac, working across web and desktop apps like Google Drive and MS Office. You can also access Grammarly on your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android) by downloading and installing the mobile versions. For assistance activating and using Grammarly in MS Office for Windows and Mac, please visit here and here. 

Grammarly Editor

With a Westminster account, you will have access to a web based editor area where you can create, upload, and manage your documents.Access the Grammarly Editor at