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Create and manage your online reading list: Add sections

This guide is for academic staff.

Important information

Please ensure that you regularly save your draft when making additions or changes to your reading list. We also recommend that you draft any lengthy section notes in a separate software and copy and paste them into your reading list to avoid the system timing-out while you are inputting text.

When you click save draft, the edit panel will vanish and you will won’t be able to drag bookmarks or sections across until you choose to enter edit mode again. See the Edit list page of this guide for more information on saving and editing.

Add section

You can create the structure of your list, by using the drag-and-drop New Section on the right-hand side edit panel.

Hover the mouse pointer over the crossed arrow 'handle', click and hold the mouse button and then drag to the left-hand list panel.

A pop-up box will appear, where you can add a section title and further notes if required. These details can be edited later if needed.

Add subsection

Move sections

In the edit view, click on the show link to expand the table of contents

You can then drag and drop vertically to rearrange the order of the sections. You can also change a section to a subsection by dragging from left to right (or from right to left to change a subsection to a main section).


Add section notes

There are two options for adding notes to your section. The first is to add a study note in the section title field. You can do this when you create the section or add later by editing the section.

The second option is more flexible and allows you to add notes anywhere in the section. You can add a note using the drag-and-drop in the right-hand panel.

Then create the text in the pop-up window. These notes can be easily moved to other sections, edited or deleted