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Create and manage your online reading list: Edit list

This guide is for academic staff.

Open the main edit view

To open the edit view, go to your reading list, click on the Edit drop-down list on the right-hand side of the screen and select Edit list (classic).

Screenshot of drop down list to open the classic edit view.

This will open up the edit view, where you can add, move or delete sections, drag-and-drop existing bookmarks into the list, move or delete items, change the reading importnace and add, amend or delete notes.

Screenshot of the classic edit view

Save draft and return to student view

When you have finished editing your list, click on Save draft in the right-hand panel to return to the student view. 

Screenshot of classic edit view highlighting the save draft button

Check the status of your list

If you have made changes to your list but cannot see them, you may be looking at the published version rather than the version with draft changes. To check the status of your list, go to My Lists and check the status column. If there are unpublished changes you can click on that link to view the draft version.

screenshot of my lists page with unpublished changes link highlighted

Edit list title, description and time period

Go to the classic edit view and click the edit button to the right of the title. A pop-up box will appear and you have the option to amend the list title, the description and the time period.

Screenshot of list edit view with the title edit button highlighted

Screenshot of edit list title pop up box

Edit section title and study note

Go to the classic edit view and click the Edit link of the section you wish to amend. A pop-up box will appear and you can edit the section title and the section (study) note.

Screenshot of section with edit button highlighted

Edit item notes and importance

Go to the classic edit view. For each item in your list, there is the option to Edit notes and importance (see first highlighted link below), where you can add, amend or delete a note associated with the item or the importance (essential or further). If you have not yet set the importance, you have the option to do this without opening the edit notes screen (see second highlighted link below).

Screenshot of reading list items with edit notes and importance links highlighted

Edit item details (author, title, publication date etc)

Sometimes, the details imported into your reading list may have omissions or errors. You can make changes to the bibliographic details of any item in your list. This includes the author, title, date of publication, page numbers etc. If you are unsure whether changes need to be made, ask your Academic Liaison Librarian for advice.

Open the classic edit view and go to the item you want to amend. Click on the edit metadata link to the right of the item title.

Screenshot of item with the edit metadata link highlighted

In the editing window, you can change the resource type, amend the title and other details. You can add new fields by selecting from the add field drop-down list and clicking Add.

Screenshot of edit metadata window with drop-down lists highlighted