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Complementary Medicine: Books

Complementary medicine, Chinese medicine, Herbal medicine

Library Search

Use Library Search to find print and e-books.  You can search by author, title or keyword to find the books you need.

Reading List

The best place to find your reading list is on Blackboard. Each of your modules will have a Blackboard site. Look for the "Reading List" link in the left hand menu to link to your online reading list.

Or you can search for your reading list by the module code, module title or your lecturer's name below.

Useful shelf numbers

Acupuncture 615.892
Anatomy 611
Aromatherapy 615.538
Biology 570
Chinese medicine 610.951
Clinical examination 616.0754
Complementary therapies 615.5
Counselling 158.3
Diet therapy 615.854
Health services 362.1
Herbal medicine 615.321
Homeopathy 615.532
Horticulture 635
Manual medicine 615.82
Nutrition 613.2
Pharmacology 615.1
Physiology 612
Qualitative research 300.72
Yoga 613.7046