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Online Learning: Interact and Participate

Network, Collaborate and Find Help

Network and collaborate 

  • Keep in touch with your tutor and lecturers
  • Create and participate in virtual study groups for each module to discuss ideas, analyse texts together and swap study tips.
    • You can use group chats like Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp etc.
    • Keep the groups active and regular

Find help 

Don’t deal with your problems in isolation: ask help to classmates, tutor, lecturers, student support services and us (Academic Learning Development)!

Learn Actively

Try active learning even if you are online and remote. The more "active" you are when studying and revising, the more you will learn.

Active participation in online classes

  • Engage with your learning
  • Do the reading before virtual classes
  • Participate in the classes
  • Take notes
  • Ask question

Active study techniques

  • Engaging the brain (linking, associations, processing, elaborating, applying)
  • Involving the body (writing, drawing, speaking)
  • Involving the senses (hearing, watching, experiencing)

Active revision strategies

For more information on memory and active revision strategies check our guide on Exams